Morning ramblings

It has been a fast few months.  We had left deep south Texas and made it to Luckenbach in the hill county.  We love that acoustic music and there are so many good musicians that play their amazing music.  We have become friends with many: ShAnnie Band, Jake Martin, Jimmy Lee Jones, Bill Lewis, SolPatch, Any Given Sunday Band, Thomas Michael Riley, Rick Boss, Levi Darr, Jimmy Sauge...just to name a few.  This year we found the Sunday Cowboy Church at Lucekenbah.  We had gone to Hondo's to listen to Any Given Sunday Band, but the cowboy Church is more like going to church.  There is a preacher and a sermon along with the music.

There was a moto trails; that was amazing to watch these young people on their bikes balance on rocks, ride up cement culverts, and weave their way along telephone poles and over obstructions. Pat Smage was amazing! His wife Hanna did most of the announcing. Kaylee Sweeten was amazing too; yep, women compete as well as children.

The wildflowers this year wer…

Thomas Michael Riley

If you have not listened to this artiest you should; he is amazing.
His back-up players are amazing too!
Tommy is so personable 
and friendly
He sings his own songs; a great songwriter
He does a few cover songs that the crowd love
And he is down to earth
He talks like he is sitting in your living room with y' all
And he can rock the house 
Or calm the crowds
Whether on the big stages of Austin or Houston, or here in his hometown, he gives his all.
Even Rusty likes him

Luckenbach Music and Animals

Friends Bob and Sharon
Rusty likes to be held
Robertta picked up one of the four baby armadillo. Some players are so rude; they sit with their back to the listeners.
Cowboy Poet Walt Perryman

Jimmy Sauge
Dan Cowert
Dolores Shaffer
Kathy like the baby
Jennifer and Tom Frumkin
Roberta with the baby
Tammy and Jay

Albert, Texas

Albert, Texas, is alive and well and embarks on a new chapter in the history of this little Texas town!  The historical hamlet – next to Williams Creek in the rich German farmlands of the Texas Hill Country, 20 miles east of Fredericksburg There is live music on the deck on Wednesdays
We are sitting at the picnic tables that circle the great live oak.
There is a food truck.
Nice walkway around. The dancehall has been renovated and there is usually monthly dance.  You can rent out the hall for weddings and parties too.
Huge live oak
Listening and dancing.
Music is electric so it can be heard by all.
To the left is the renovated icehouse, bar.
See we were there!

Enjoy a touch of Albert, Texas on a Wednesday night.

290 Stops Four

Once the Vineyard was planted in 2009, the Hilmy’s began constructing the winery.  Great Pyrenese who during the evening patrols the vineyards keeping the deer away from the vines.
She is one happy dog who certainly liked attention.
It has a nice entrance with a really wide door.
In swings!
There is a nice outside picnic area.
Inside is very warm and cozy.
Out back on those hot afternoons there is a comfortable place to relax.

The areas are all open, kind of plain in a cool way.

On to Fat Fat Ass Ranch and Winery was certainly unique.
Yes, they have their own ass outside for you to greet.
Some fun places to sit around.
Like the old unique still; wonder what they got out of this one back in the day.
More neat places to sit and sip.
Liked the restroom doors.
Neat pictures of family on the walls.